Hello and welcome to Fantasy Wolf Gaming website.
For the users that don't know much about Fantasy Wolf Gaming.
We are glad you play on Fantasy Wolf Gaming with out you guys we would have nothing.
If you wish to apply for staff just go to the forums and apply.
Just remember not every one can be apart of the staff. We don't decline your application because we don't enjoy your company. We usually have to many mods or admins and we don't want every one to be a mod and have no users. 
So if you truly want to be apart of the staff i would talk to one of our staff members.
The owners will tell you if there are any open mod spots. 

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[FWG] Qtjinla15 | Owner [QSG]

Dragonslayer | Coowner
OriginalButtPolice | Head of Staff
Scalamoosh| Head of Staff

| Super Admin

Unoriginal | Super Admin

Morris | Super Admin

DeathbyRhino | Admin

Retrowolf | Admin

TheFonz | Admin

Toddler's Viagra | Mod




Kyun| Mod

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